“We are committed to creating a safe and ethical environment for website sales online.”

At FlippingEthics.com website flippers, sellers, and buyers come together to discuss, evaluate, and learn about websites that are currently for sale.  These websites can be long term established, or they may be start-up sites which have been created specifically for the purpose of “flipping” to the buyer.

Potential website buyers can browse through our website listings and read reviews (ratings) of websites that are currently for sale — or do some investigation / valuation / due diligence before purchasing a website online.

Responsible website sellers (website flippers) can link to our Code of Ethics showing their commitment to exercise ethical practices when selling their websites online.

Everyone interested in buying / selling websites can easily rate websites currently for sale using our 10-point rating system…  Visitors can also write comments on any website-for-sale listing — without the seller being able to modify or delete your comment!Review the Latest Website for Sale Listings

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